Whittlesea Monday Market ‘Haul’


With the rate that we eat through fruit and fresh produce (and use it for juicing), I have been searching North Melbourne far and wide for options that are local and cheap.  I can’t guarantee that everything at Whittlesea Monday market is local, but a lot of it is, and it is definitely the best cheap, quality fresh fruit and vegetables that I could find.  Most of the produce was fresher and sweeter than the supermarket and local fruit and vege store near me.  Many fruit and vege stores have great, quality produce, but the one near me is over-priced (I believe), leading to slower turn-over and less fresh-ness.

With the Monday market it is all about being there at the right time (not too long before closing time on a Monday – say about lunch-time), having cash ready, and being able to drive in and pick up the boxes of produce.

I love bargains, and I was totally disappointed I couldn’t buy everything that was for sale at the end – mmm, that tray of pears for a really low price!  But I did end up with a lot of stuff, with the price being really great.  The cost of all the oranges, apples, carrots, golden kiwi fruit and eggs that I bought, was less than any other store that I have found so far.  It is less than all of the local fruit and vege stores as well.

Which is why I wanted to share this, because in order for us to continue to get great bargain prices on fresh produce, we need to support local markets.  Thankfully, Whittlesea Monday market is quite popular, but it can always do with more customers.  Rage against the supermarkets!

List of what I got:

Oranges: 13 – 15 kg box

Apples: 13 kg box

Golden Kiwifruit: 5 kg (these were incredibly cheap, and delicious!)

Carrots: 15 kg bag

Eggs: Tray of 30 that sells for about $10 (average price – sometimes it is less) grain and grass fed hens

Pears: I was given some as a free sample so I could try and buy next time – they were sweet and juicy!

So, this is how I afford to get enough fresh fruit and carrots for juicing, for my family.  If it wasn’t for the market we would not be able to buy as much fresh produce as what we would like to consume, or we would be going broke keeping up with the demand.  Please support local markets!










One thought on “Whittlesea Monday Market ‘Haul’

  1. I forgot to mention, I also got a loaf of gourmet sourdough bread. It was a good price for a gourmet product, but not super-cheap, so I didn’t include it in the list. It was yummy though – mmm, olive bread!


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