Easy ‘One-Ingredient’ Banana Ice-cream

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Frozen bananas are the easiest things to make into ice-cream.  It does require a blender or food processor that isn’t too dodgy though.  My blender seems to almost die when I try to make this.  I chop the bananas before freezing. In my blender I don’t blend, I just pulse over and over, then push the banana down with the stick. It suddenly turns into a smooth ball of ‘banana ice-cream in the middle.’ It is really really healthy compared to conventional ice-cream – a great kid-pleaser (so long as they like banana)




Delicious Two/Three Ingredient Date Balls

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To give date balls a fantastic, smooth, ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ texture, I blend the coconut to make it like coconut flour before mixing it with the date puree.  I always check all the dates by chopping them before soaking in warm water to soften.  I have had too many incidents with fragments of the date pits crunching on my teeth – ouch!

I also use coconut cream in the mix.  So, I don’t have the amounts for the recipe, and I keep extra dry shredded coconut as a back-up. I drain and puree the soaked dates with the coconut cream (my current blender is a bit dodgy so needs lots of liquid, and I don’t have a food processer). I add the puree to a mixing bowl and mix in the ‘coconut flour’ I have created until I can roll it into balls. Sometimes I add other flavours, such as vanilla, mint, carob, cinnamon, etc., I find carob tastes like chocolate if vanilla and cinnamon are added to it.

I roll the balls and coat them with shredded coconut, then chill to firm them.  Delicious! The only problem is I tend to eat too many, but at least they have more nutrition and fibre than chocolate. 😉

The ingredients:

Dry desiccated/shredded coconut

Can of coconut cream/milk

Packet of dates

Extra flavours according to taste

Extra dry coconut in case the puree is too wet


Blender/food processor (in a good quality food processor less liquid is required)