CHIP – Day 14 My ‘Bad’ Cooking

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Day 14

Lunch fail. I spent several hours cooking and cleaning up the mess before and after.

 CHIP Program (Complete Health Improvement Program): My Disclaimer: This is merely for entertainment purposes only. I am not associated with CHIP program or the Sanitarium company – I am only a participant. This is not advice, it is merely my personal experience for entertainment purposes only. You should always consult your doctor before making any lifestyle changes. I know from experience when I have gone to the extreme and injured myself or made myself sick. P.S. Please don’t sue me, I am a poor amateur writer.

What is CHIP? In short, CHIP is about healthy, active lifestyle. Nutrition is from whole, plant-based sources (vegan). There are more details at the end of this post.

 Today was my first attempt at making a ‘CHIP style’ lunch that my whole family would like. The first try was a bit of a fail. I made rice, with a salad and potato bowl, with home-made peanut sauce, and fresh rice-paper rolls.

My family hardly touched the salad and veg, and hubby cooked extra eggs to go with the rice Lol!

Plus, I am such a messy chef.  I cover the bench, sink, stove and everything else with bowls and splashes of food!  Then I have to clean up the results of my creativity.

Still, I am so grateful for the CHIP program because at least I am learning what I should have learnt a long time ago – how to cook appealing, healthy food.

I’m doing so many things that I would not have done without the CHIP program. I’m changing priorities – exercise goes before cleaning. This morning I left the dishes and took the kids walking straight after breakfast, before the sun got too hot. I wouldn’t have done that before.

It was so fun, that we discussed getting up earlier tomorrow so we can do more playground exploration!

More information: CHIP stands for ‘Complete Health Improvement Program.’ It is a Lifestyle/Preventative Medicine program originally designed by Dr. Hans Diehl, aimed at improving overall health through whole-foods, plant-based eating (un-processed, vegan food), regular, natural exercise, and other healthy habits. It has proven results with helping participants who had high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

The link below has a cute time-line:

CHIP runs programs in groups, corporately and online, including online meet-ups.

Participants receive access to informative online videos, a text-book, work-book, cook-book, pedometer, and more!


Happy healthy food!

yummy kale chips

Yummy ‘Kale Chips’.  Kale chips may not be as exciting as potato chips in flavour, but they are a great way to get a huge serving of greens!  In this bowl I have a whole huge bunch of kale. I ate one large bunch of kale in a single sitting – hooray!  Greens are packed with vitamins, and maintain a healthy digestion, as well as having anti-oxidant and de-toxing qualities.  I slow-roasted it in the oven with a light spray of vegetable oil, then seasoned with some salt and savoury yeast flakes.