Depression: The Way Out

Vicki Griffin started running away from home as a little five-year-old girl. Imagine never having a happy memory from your childhood; never waking up even one morning feeling excited about the new day.  When she talks about depression it is really genuine.  Her talk and some of her childhood experience are shared below, or through the link.









(My favourite song for de-cluttering)

I accepted a dare of ‘no clothes shopping for a year’ a couple of years back, and strived for a simpler year. I also tried to give up watching T.V. at the same time. It helped me so much, with the biggest benefit being the time saved since it cured my shopping addiction.

I also realised a lot of fashion and models look really silly – not something I want to copy.

People with less stuff (so long as they have their basic needs) are happier! Having too many possessions is not a blessing – it is a burden.

My home still gets messy, but I don’t waste as much time dealing with things rather than spending time with loved ones.

There is no such thing as giving too much!  The more I have given, the more I have gotten back.  It is really hard to keep stuff out of the house, as just when I have donated lots of stuff, I have been given bags and bags of stuff just, seemingly out of nowhere!

My favourite online professional organiser, Alejandra – she is the real deal:

De-cluttering is not a static goal – it is a way of living. Output has to exceed input. For example, if I buy a new toy, I need to give some away.

I had to change my perspective to let go of stuff.  For example, I had to stop thinking that objects = memories. I can still treasure a memory but let go of the object.  I can take photographs, for example, and discard the original item.  I did this with a huge box of drawings my parents had collected from when I was four years old.  I had never used it, for my entire life.  I kept a few of my favourites, took photos, and then threw out the whole box.  Have I ever needed or missed them since that time?  Never!

Feeling overwhelmed is quite common for me.  Starting with the most obvious, messy areas is most effective.  For example, I could de-clutter a closet, or the lounge-room.  De-cluttering the lounge-room is going to improve my everyday experience a lot faster, because I use it all the time.  I can just shut the closet and no-one will see the mess.  I can leave the closet and other small, detailed jobs until I have done the ‘big picture’ stuff.

Starting with the root of clutter is very effective too.  The root of clutter in our house is the garage.  It is where all the un-used stuff ends up, and when it gets over-crowded there’s not enough storage space.  Fix that, and then I can move all the stuff in there that I’m not using.

I have literally prayed for help, and I believe God has helped me to see more things I don’t need, or am not using so I can pass them on.

Redeeming time that could have been wasted is priceless.  I had a huge suitcase full of old diaries and journals, that I was planning to type up and publish.  When I calculated the time it would take it could have been years of my spare time!! My sister was helping me de-clutter and she suggested something I never would have considered – get rid of the diaries.  I kept the ones from the most interesting and special times of my life, and threw out a huge box full. Whew!  What a relief.. Now I can use my time for something more important.

As a big picture person I love the box technique.  Pack what I’m not using in a box. Label it with what’s inside and date it. Leave it for 6 months – 1 year.  If I haven’t required it within that time (unless it is an heirloom or irreplaceable keepsake), pass it on. I have found it better for me to pass things on without handling them again because touching objects revives a connection and sense of ownership, and decreases the likelihood of giving them away.

Positive Viewing Material and Resources

To change my brain circuits or pathways to think positive and avoid negative, anxious thoughts, I need to constantly strengthen them in the paths that focus on good, wholesome and positive stuff. The more I travel those positive pathways, the weaker the negative thoughts get. Here are a few things I have found helpful.

My top favourite site is They also have a free app. It is packed with interesting, inspiring Christian talks on all different topics – depression, family, conflict, abuse, the Christian walk, prophecy, etc.,

Childrens’ Shows:

Praise Baby
Cedarmont Kids Songs (one of the best for a show that is real-life and not over-stimulating for young children)
Scripture Lullabies
Steve Green ‘Hide ‘Em in Your Heart’.
Animated Hero Classics by ‘Nest’
The Berenstain Bears
Bindi the Jungle Girl

Educational/Reality for Children:

‘How It’s Made’ (a whole series on how things are produced).
‘Minute Earth’ (science videos for kids with simple explanations to interesting questions. I’m not into the ones promoting evolution)
Baby Einstein

Bible Stories:

‘The Greatest Adventure – Stories from the Bible’
The Beginners Bible for Kids
Bible Stories by ‘Nest’

Inspirational Movies:

‘Gifted Hands’
‘Amazing Grace’
‘The Miracle Worker’ (The story of Helen Keller)
‘Facing the Giants’
‘Soul Surfer’
‘Luther’ (The story of Martin Luther)
‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’ (a part funny/part serious Christian movie about divorce and relationships in general)
‘The Inn of the Sixth Happiness’ (a very old movie based on the true story of a brave lady who saved a lot of children during a war)
‘Courageous’ – highly recommended

Documentaries/Reality Shows:

‘World’s Strictest Parents’
‘Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed’ (a documentary by Ben Stein about the suppression of academics in the U.S. who believe in intelligent design)
‘Supersize Me’ (about McDonalds and fast food – very interesting!)
‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’. (about juicing and healthy eating – free movie online)
‘Keepers of the Flame’ by Dr. Allan Lindsay (an old-fashioned but interesting documentary that has some protestant history at the beginning)

Resources/Free Help and Tutorials:

Jamie Oliver’s ‘Foodtube’
‘Alejandra T.V.’ (Organising)
Dr. Ron Laura Matrix Body-building
Chloe Coscarelli (the ‘Hungry’ channel – a cooking resource)

How I judge viewing material: I don’t believe there is a black and white, one-size-fits-all approach, but I value material that is highly inspirational, educational, based on real life and with a practical focus, and preferably teaches that God, values and family are important.

I find much of the programming on T.V. (especially children’s programming) disturbing, because in most of it family is non-existent or else something that the characters don’t respect. I won’t go into details but I consider most children’s shows to be not only a waste of time, but harmful to the brains of those viewing it. T.V. and movies (and magazines) have one objective as their main priority – SELL, SELL, SELL. They are not there to help and baby-sit, they want to create consumers.

The Bible gives a guide for what to focus the thoughts on. It has helped my mind so much.

Philippians 4:8King James Version (KJV)
8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
Here are the attributes above as a list. Is what I’m watching:

Of Good Report


I can guarantee most of Hollywood and entertainment T.V. fails on the very first point. God gives this guidance for my own happiness, and mental health. I almost ruined my mental health by filling my mind with crime shows, magazines, ‘chick flicks’, crime stories in magazines, fantasy and romance novels, and more. The imagination strengthened too much over-takes reality, and ruins happiness that can be found in the simple pleasures of life, and being grateful for everyday blessings.