Anxiety and Depression – Information that Helped Me

Helpful Talks about Anxiety and Depression (from a preventative health point of view):

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.02.23 AM

Dr Neeta Hillman is an internal medicine specialist who has been helping patients with anxiety and depression for years, and has herself experienced anxiety. She shares a LOT of useful preventative lifestyle and health tips to reduce anxiety. Some of the things she shared are what I discovered by accident (for example, drinking lots of water helps to reduce anxiety – many people with anxiety don’t drink enough water). I wish that I had access to her talks when I first suffered from anxiety because she condensed almost everything I learned over a year into what she shared.

Neeta Hillman’s talks are available on the link below:

How to Deal With Anxiety

Dr. Neil Nedley: Dr. Neil Nedley is an internal medicine specialist who runs a highly successful life-style treatment program for depression recovery. He combines conventional medicine, life-style, cognitive behavioural therapy and much more for a very ‘holistic’ approach.
Mental Health 1:

Depression and Its Cure:

Proof Positive: Nutrition, Depression & Mental Performance (looking at the nutritional aspects of beating depression):

Depression, the Way Out – Stress and Anxiety (with ‘It is Written, Canada’):

Dr. Neal Barnard – Power Foods for the Brain:

(Dr. Barnard is a diabetes researcher who has helped many people recover from diabetes. He also lectures on the brain, preventing alzheimers, and preventing life-style diseases):

The Improvements and Long-term Benefits of Exercise:


Tips For Success: (this is talking about being successful at staying healthy with a busy life-style, among other things)



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