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Escapism and Addictions are something I believe every human being is capable of. Every person has a tendency or weakness for at least one type of avoidance or addiction – whether it be work, food, drugs, sex, music, shopping or even ‘good’ addictions like relationships, projects, ministry, exercise, cleaning, organising and much more. Even anxiety and depression can be an addiction. An addiction will manifest its effects through neglect of some other area of life.


The following points give an excellent description of the signs of internet addiction, but the symptoms can apply to almost any addiction. The sign talking about neglect of house-work helped me to realise that one of my weaknesses is a ‘project addiction’. I am always thinking of new projects and trying to accomplish them, but sometimes at the expense of important things such as time with my family. It can easily become escapism for me, as I have noticed that whenever I am stressed or have a lot of things to do I become much more inspired and fascinated by new projects:


Signs and symptoms of Internet addiction or computer addiction from

“Signs and symptoms of Internet addiction vary from person to person. For example, there are no set hours per day or number of messages sent that indicate Internet addiction. But here are some general warning signs that your Internet use may have become a problem:

  • Losing track of time online. Do you frequently find yourself on the Internet longer than you intended? Does a few minutes turn in to a few hours? Do you get irritated or cranky if your online time is interrupted?
  • Having trouble completing tasks at work or home. Do you find laundry piling up and little food in the house for dinner because you’ve been busy online? Perhaps you find yourself working late more often because you can’t complete your work on time—then staying even longer when everyone else has gone home so you can use the Internet freely.
  • Isolation from family and friends. Is your social life suffering because of all the time you spend online? Are you neglecting your family and friends? Do you feel like no one in your “real” life—even your spouse—understands you like your online friends?
  • Feeling guilty or defensive about your Internet use. Are you sick of your spouse nagging you to get off the computer or put your smartphone down and spend time together? Do you hide your Internet use or lie to your boss and family about the amount of time you spend on the computer or mobile devices and what you do while you’re online?
  • Feeling a sense of euphoria while involved in Internet activities. Do you use the Internet as an outlet when stressed, sad, or for sexual gratification or excitement? Have you tried to limit your Internet time but failed?”

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