(This morning’s 15 min walk/jog) 🙂 yay!

After moving house and not really exercising or blogging for ages I am unofficially joining myself to a NEWSTART program, which involves:

N – Nutrition

E – Exercise

W – Water

S – Sunshine

T – Temperance (avoiding bad things such as drugs, going easy on junk food)

A – Air

R – Rest

T – Trust in God

I’m calling the one I’m doing ‘T – NEWSTAR’ instead of NEWSTART, because I really need God’s help, so ‘Trust in God’ will have to come first.

I’m not the ideal candidate for a ‘health-freak’, with my weak lungs (from pneumonia as a baby), to my fractured tailbone and very low muscle tone, with skinny ‘chicken legs’ (lol!), and my foot injury, which means I have a sore heel every morning.

I was feeling so ‘blech’ this morning when I got up.  I had cold legs, a ‘funny’ tickle in my throat like I was catching something, and I felt tired.  I decided I’m going to start by doing devotional time first and asking God for strength because nothing else is working.

I’ve tried sleeping more in the morning to stop myself from getting sick, but it’s not working.  I just don’t have enough energy to exercise, cook healthy food, avoid junk, etc., on my own.  So, here goes!

After my devotional this morning though, I thought my circulation felt really bad with my cold feet, so I decided even if I feel totally rubbish I need to go for exercise in the fresh (cold) morning air (which usually I try to avoid).

I dug out my exercise gear and took a brief interlude outside, swinging my arms and legs to try and stretch them as much as possible.  I remembered my ‘deep-breathing’ technique of inhaling deeply through my nose, then out my mouth two puffs (to try and fully empty my lungs).

Funnily enough I didn’t freeze, and when I came inside the house felt really warm!  I didn’t jog much, just a brisk 15 minute walk (keeping in mind the T for Temperance!)  I am the kind of person who takes things to the extreme naturally.  I might have in the past jogged for 1 hour, then injured myself or been tired and grumpy for the rest of the day, but I can’t afford to do that when I have 2 little ones to look after.

Now, I wonder what I can make for brekky that is low fat, low sugar and yummy, before the kids wake up?







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