God is Still Working on Me

I would like to share my testimony of some things God has done for me. I firmly believe God does miracles and intervenes in everyone’s lives – it just depends whether they notice or acknowledge Him.  I am so glad God is still working on me.  I don’t deserve His blessings, but I do believe He works everything together for good Romans 8:28 [Full Chapter]

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (from http://www.biblegateway.com)

We can claim His blessings through Jesus, because Jesus deserves everything through His perfect and holy life, death and resurrection.  I have experienced God’s miraculous intervention and mercies in my life.  I will share some below as well as a really inspirational young man’s testimony.

Note: for one of the best sermons I have ever heard on how to know God’s will for your life, please see this link:

Those who have been through the darkest times have the most powerful stories. Church is far from perfect, but being part of churches throughout my life has been: a powerful protection to keep me from bad decisions; a help to me in times of great need; a way to connect to other Christians who have encouraged me spiritually.

The church I belong to teaches that we must treat our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, while abstaining from substances that would impair the frontal lobe of the brain and lead to poor decisions.

For powerful testimonies I can’t go past Nik Vujicic’s, ‘No arms, no legs – no worries.’ I’ve included a link to a condensed version of his testimony:

Here is a beautiful short film starring Nik Vujicic, called ‘The Butterfly Circus’ that touches on some big themes of life:

What God has done for me:

As a child:
God gave me courage from my fear of the dark and bad dreams, by giving me the ability to write and sing songs to Him.

While living in Papua New Guinea at the age of nine, I tried to run away from home (largely influenced by my reading of fictional stories, that made me dissatisfied with real life), and thankfully, though I was planning to spend the night outdoors and go exploring, Dad found me within an hour.

As a teenager living in NZ:
I had a constant pain in my shoulder that would prevent me from sleeping.  One night I prayed with desperation and asked God to take it away. I felt my arm go very warm, and the pain just disappeared, and never returned.

I believe that once I saw an angel. While working at soup kitchen, a kindly man with bright blue eyes told me ‘don’t be afraid to share your faith.’ When I looked away, he was gone. All the other teens were right next to me when he talked to me, yet none remembered him, even though I asked them straight away. He told me he was going to catch a bus, but there were no buses at that time of night. I believe he was a messenger from Heaven.

One of my youth leaders unknowingly helped to protect me from a would-be predator who was 37 and wanted to date me at 15.

Other members of my youth group helped boost my confidence and protect me from sleazy young men.  Being part of a church body was a blessing to me in countless ways.

I got involved in fantasy novels and became addicted. I would read every hour of the day – including during all my classes, and late at night when I was supposed to be sleeping.  I wanted to live in the fantasy world found in the novels more than real life.  One day it dawned on me, and I decided to immediately give them up and read books on psychology and real life. How do explain having the strength to make that instant decision, despite having the fantasy habit since I first started reading and writing? I believe it was the Holy Spirit.

I dated a young man who was one of my best friends (before we dated). He wanted to marry very young. I was totally besotted with him before we started dating, but then realised we were not compatible spiritually, and he loved computer games and T.V. (what would I expect from a teenage boy?). Somehow, I immediately broke up with him and would not be swayed by his heartfelt letters. Yet again, I believe this was the Holy Spirit.

When I was doing something wrong, I started to have intense dreams.  I won’t go into detail, but they were realistic and scary, to do with forces of evil trying to win in my life. I was also shown in my dream what I was doing wrong and the dangers of what I was doing. As soon as I woke up I prayed and prayed, and I had a lot less desire to do wrong.

As a young working teenager:

I was almost overcome by my addiction to comfort eating after I worked in ‘Food Services’ for a year. I got to the point where I would overeat and make myself sick at every meal. I had no energy and started to feel like sleeping all the time. I saw a very good naturopath who told me I had almost wrecked myself. She gave me medicine for my stomach. I started praying and running to God to fill my needs instead of to food. This broke the power of my food addiction.

I became very depressed (a lot of it had to do with comfort eating, shopping too much and not exercising), and I started asking God, ‘are You there?’ ‘Please show Yourself to me!’ I imagined life without God and it was like staring into a deep, black hole. I prayed for days and days and didn’t hear anything from God, forgetting that the Bible says not to test God, and that we need to come to Him in faith (Matthew 4:7; Hebrews 11:6). After praying and looking very morose and depressed, I read my old diaries, and saw all the times God was with me and provided for me. I realised He had already given me the evidence. I went upstairs onto the roof at night and looked at the clear, starry sky. I prayed and told God that because I knew He was there I was going to fully put my faith in Him. When I opened my eyes, I saw three clouds in the previously cloudless sky, in the shape of ‘I heart U’. I have no idea if a plane flew over while I was praying (though I didn’t hear one), or the clouds just drifted in that shape, but I was really touched how God used that to speak to me just when I didn’t expect it.

In College:

I wanted to tell a certain young man that I liked him. I was about to call him, but prayed about it first, and as soon as I opened the Bible, read verses that warned me not to tell him about my feelings. I am so glad nothing happened.

I would regularly share spiritual books with people in the neighbourhood (through a lending library). Every time I was about to go out I would feel really heavy and depressed, but as soon as we went out we would have a wonderful time. I saw this as a spiritual conflict.

While staying on a friend’s farm, her sister and I were walking. We got behind everyone else and were crossing train tracks when the tracks started ringing. We both hopped over really quickly, and within seconds a massive freight train came roaring around the corner!

While volunteering:

I wanted to volunteer in Denmark, but was asked if I was interested in going to Kenya. I had really wanted to go, but thought I didn’t have the right skills for the position. It ended up being the best place ever to volunteer. Being totally on my own taught me to depend on God and read the Bible when I had a need.

Once when the ‘volunteers’ were driving back from a town trip, our bus made really funny noises. We were just passing through a stretch where it was the darkest and if we stopped we were almost guaranteed to be robbed. We prayed and made it back to the school we were working at. The very next morning, as soon as the van started, the power steering just fell out.

Another time, our whole school were training to climb Mount Kenya. We were walking over the Ngong hills, which are five hills in a row. We turned around at the fourth hill to go back. On our way back down, we were overtaken by a group of tourists who had gone over the fifth hill and been held up by robbers with arrows and machetes, and robbed of everything, including their pants and shoes.

As a young teacher:

I had multiple times in the crazy Melbourne traffic where God saved me from having an accident.

The most miraculous was when with my family on the way from Melbourne to Sydney. One of my brothers was in the front seat and I was in the back. We were going at 100 + km an hour, and a van blindly turned out in front of us. Dad locked the brakes immediately and we slowed but were looking at impacting the side of the van at about 60 kph, on the left front passenger side of our car, where my brother was seated. I saw the accident happening in my minds eye – the shattering glass, my brother taking the impact, but just as it seemed unavoidable it felt like someone grabbed the car with incredible force and swung it around (just like a huge turn in a dodgem car). We swerved right around the front of the van, avoided the oncoming traffic and landed safely back on our side of the road, just beyond the van. Dad was the only one who didn’t feel this swerve. He denied it ever happening, as he said he just locked the brakes and there is no way you can steer when the brakes are locked. He only remembers going straight. Everyone else in the car remembers swerving, and we got out and told the other driver about it. He was so thankful nothing happened as he had passengers in the back of his van who could have been killed. He told us he is a Christian too, and we prayed together to thank God for this miracle.

While driving:

I was about to overtake a car but just had a feeling that I should remain where I was. Within a few seconds that car swerved suddenly to the right to avoid another car.

One day I had a feeling that I should drive slowly and carefully when returning home after dark. As I turned into the main street near my house, I saw a tiny little boy standing at the very edge of the road, with his foot out – about to step onto the road I was driving on. I stopped and opened the window. I said, ‘where is your mummy’. He got scared and walked back toward his house. His mum opened the front door and went as white as a sheet. She said, ‘I didn’t know he was outside. He climbed out of his cot and unlocked the door.’ I said to her, ‘he has angels watching over him.’

While dating:

After a break-up I was feeling really depressed and hurt, so much that I felt there was a huge hole in my heart.  I cried, and felt hopeless and really down. I prayed desperately and asked God to help me, and I suddenly did feel as if the hole in my heart was filled up. From one moment to the next my tears just dried up, and the hurt didn’t seem so bad. I thought about all the hurtful things that happened and the pain was so dull (compared to before I prayed) it was hardly there at all.  So long as I kept my thoughts on God, and didn’t dwell on resentment.

As a mum:

When our daughter was born she wasn’t breathing. She had become distressed and inhaled the merconium. Everything happened so smoothly that the emergency C-section was done in the shortest amount of time possible. She was so beautiful with lots of dark hair, but silent and white. I felt God’s peaceful presence with me and I felt sad but totally surrendered, and said to God, ‘may Your will be done. Whether she lives or dies she is in your hands’ I held her for a few seconds before a whole team of medical staff performed CPR and suctioned her lungs for at least 10 minutes. She revived and was placed in an oxygen crib, where she eagerly guzzled a bottle of milk, and was checked and found to be totally healthy. I am so grateful to God for working through those medical professionals and giving her breath at her birth.

When our daughter was three we were at a café that had a huge, heavy basketball ring that blew over in the wind. My friend and I left it lying down and told the owner it had fallen over. For some reason he put it up again. Another huge gust of wind blew, and it fell right towards our daughter’s head. I cried out her name; she looked up and leaped back, and it landed just a few inches from her feet. Thank God.


I had severe depression and anxiety after the birth of our son. Even while feeling down, I could see God providing for me. He brought people along just when I needed encouragement, and I received a lot of help from my family, and church. I also felt peace when I read the Bible, listened to worship music and prayed to tell God all my worries. Cutting out movies, news, and entertainment viewing and reading helped immensely. Letting go of resentment and sins I was holding onto and forgiving others helped so much. Spending time with God and focussing on Him instead of the depressed/anxious thoughts has helped me change day by day. It has helped me change in ways I didn’t even know I needed to. I don’t feel anxious in crowded places anymore, and while driving and God is helping me to give up all anger to him and be more patient. Listening to the health message preached by the church I belong to gave me motivation, energy and helped me feel more calm (for more info, please see the links to Dr. Neeta Hillman, Dr. Neil Nedley and Dr. Neal Barnard). I read and listened to a lot of resources (some I have listed in ‘depression and anxiety), and started to implement preventative health and wholistic wellbeing practises, and as my health has improved my anxiety has gradually lessened. Thank God, that He brought me through that dark place, and day by day is helping me grow. The more I give and surrender to Him, the more at peace I feel.

While driving as a mum:

On the way to visit a friend with our daughter and baby son in the car, we entered a roundabout, and even though I had the right of way, a truck just went tearing through, driving like a hairy goat. I mistakenly thought the truck would obey the road rules and I didn’t have time to stop, so I just floored the accelerator. I have no idea how our car (which is not a sports car) actually zipped through in time to avoid that big roaring monster, but I just thank God because it was only a matter of seconds between that and a very serious accident which most likely would have killed our daughter.

In marriage:

My hubby and I had a very difficult situation where our house got robbed and a lot of other things seemed to go very wrong at once. However, we realised it was a hidden blessing to be without our computers because we had spent too much time on them instead of with God and connecting with each other and those around us. This helped us to give up meaningless internet surfing and eventually get rid of the T.V., which has drastically improved our time together.



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