Favourite juice combinations

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I’m trying to get more veges into the diet of my kids! (They will drink veges so long as they’re in sweet juice and they don’t know they are there, or eat them blended up in pasta, etc.,) Also, I will share below how mint and parsley help me with bad morning breath!

‘Orange Juice’
1 small piece of ginger
Celery (all leaves cut off to reduce the bitterness)
A few strawberries

‘Pink Juice’
1/4 beetroot
1/4 lemon

‘Exotic Juice’
Small bunch mint
Small bunch parsley

‘Savoury Juice’
Small piece of garlic
Small bunch of spinach
1/4 beetroot

Mint and parsley are both amazing for natural help with bad breath. They don’t just mask the problem, they actually will help to purify the breath from the inside of the body. Parsley also helps purify the lungs and increase circulation in the body. When I make juice with lots of parsley, I can tell the difference to my breath for at least half the day, so long as I continue eating whole, fresh food. Processed, sugary foods and animal products lead to bad breath and other body odours.

Also, I believe people mistakenly blame certain vegetables and beans for odours and flatulence. Yes, they can cause a lot of gas in combination with processed foods. However, I have found when I was faithfully following the CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) way of eating which is basically just plant-based and unprocessed, the beans stopped causing problems. As soon as I removed sugar, refined products and animal products. Processed food is the biggest cause of unfriendly bacteria in the digestive system, and when high-fibre foods encounter them the reaction is explosive!

Beans are highly beneficial to the digestive system and have so many other health benefits, as well as being cost-effective. Cabbage is another ‘windy’ food, that has so many benefits for the stomach. Cabbage juice is perfect to drink in the morning. The taste by itself can be a bit off-putting, but it is delicious combined with apple.

Also, there are certain spices that reduce flatulence when added to food – especially turmeric. I often add some turmeric when cooking beans.



How to Make Tasty Fresh Juice

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Tips for Making Your Fresh Juice as Nice as Possible!

  • Use only fresh, clean ingredients.  Cut off bruises and discard mouldy items
  • Remove the most bitter parts.  For example, cut off the orange skins (leave some of the white bit), and cut off celery leaves
  • If keeping juice for the next day, include citrus or acidic items, i.e. oranges, lemons, tomatoes, etc., as the citrus will help preserve the fresh taste and prevent discolouration
  • Most fresh juices are best used within 24 hours
  • Juice the best-tasting bits first! The items juiced first will help flavour everything else that passes through
  • Include ‘flavour enhancers.’  Strawberries, ginger, mango are just some fruits that really add a delicious flavour to fruit juice. Tomato and garlic can help make vege juice more exciting
  • If juicing for kids and you want to hide veges in the fruit juice, start with small amounts and gradually increase it. Try to match the colours – eg., carrots in orange juice, or a bit of beetroot with strawberry
  • Be aware of combinations that just don’t work.  Dr. Sandra Cabot’s book ‘Raw Juices Can Save Your Life’ is an excellent juicing book to start with.  She doesn’t recommend certain combinations, such as grapes and carrots (it causes flatulence). Be cautious when trying new combinations and try not to mix too many roots with fruits, or things that are extremely acidic with things that are not – for example potato and orange juice (yuck!)
  • Keep it balanced and be aware of safety. Potato juice should always be made from totally fresh potatoes without even a hint of green, as green potatoes in a large quantity are poisonous.  Rubarb leaves are also toxic. Be informed about your ingredients.
  • Use a good juicer.
  • If you don’t like pulp, strain it before drinking.
  • Try mixing your fresh juice with sparkling grape or ginger for something different